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Making a video biography does take some skill. It’s not just about pointing a camera at someone. If you’re not sure about what to do, the end result might come off as haphazard and messy.

If you’re interested in video biographies and personal documentaries, Timeline Biography can make things easier for you. Our team of experts and our in-depth knowledge regarding video biographies allows us to inject a lot of creativity and uniqueness into your video biography. For that very purpose, we offer the following services to you:

Working from Scratch

We have a lot of experience working with virgin talent and we can make you the star of your video biography as easily as possible. Our team of experts will take you through everything step by step and will work in complete accordance with you. We’ll help you show your best side to the world and help you unfold your story.

Special Occasions

Sometimes, you want a video biography for special occasions such as when your child graduates, Christmas, birthdays, weddings and other similar events.

We know that when someone is leaving behind their old place in life and moving on to greener pastures, it’s nice to have a little something to look back at that highlights all the fun time they had and how their hard work paid off, enabling them to be at the current position they are, in life.

Creating Something New From Something Old

If you’ve got old home videos of all your moments with your family and loved ones, don’t ditch them. While we are adept at making content from scratch, we can also edit and use your old clips to make something completely unique and amazing.

Preserving the old and the new, seamlessly in one combination, you’ll be amazed with how many memories we can preserve, bring out and help you express as easily as possible.

Preserving Your Memories

If you’ve got loads of old photo albums and other pictures that are you hold close to your heart, you can hand them over to us and we will help you preserve your memories. Whether they’re old, discolored or heaped up in boxes, we will help you sift through them and preserve them in digital format so that you can keep on enjoying them and have them with you at all times. At Timeline Biography, whether you’re getting a video biography made or getting your pictures digitalized, it’s all about preserving your memories.

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